Acupuncture is used widely to treat woman's health, it can help to normalise menstrual cycle, ease PMT symptoms and reduce hot flushes.

Women, by virtue of their birthright, are creative individuals with unique energetic patterns. When in balance, women will enjoy a sense of freedom and well-being. To maintain this state, there must be a free flow of ‘Qi’ vital energies. When the “Qi” isn’t flowing properly due to stress, either physical, mental, and/or emotional, this function is impaired.

A woman experiences many different hormonal changes throughout her life this begins at puberty, through to menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause, and beyond. This ever-changing hormonal environment is sensitively associated with our emotions, nutrition, relationships, and stress levels. These hormone changes can impact a woman in many different ways not only during these natural cycles but during other times in her life.  

Acupuncture has so much to offer in the area of women’s health, in fact in many cases it can resolve problems that many women believe they have to just have to put up with, period pains and PMT being good examples. Acupuncture is a regulating kind of medicine that can help women find greater balance, vitality, and reproductive health:-

Acupuncture can help to improve your general menstrual health. So many women and girls suffer from pre-menstrual symptoms and painful, heavy, and irregular periods, or polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) which may result in them feeling unwell for a large amount of time during each month. Often a woman is prescribed the contraceptive pill in an effort to alleviate these symptoms. 

With Chinese Medicine, the approach is very different as it looks at the body as a whole and believes that it is important to treat the ' ROOT COURSE' and not just the presenting symptoms. 

How does it do this?

The precise mechanism of how acupuncture works is very difficult to determine, but fine hair-like needles are inserted into certain points along pathways on the body known as meridians, to treat and regulate the major organs believed to influence the menstrual cycle. Acupuncture treatments will be carried out at different phases of the menstrual cycle to help balance these organs, creating a regular, pain-free cycle, free from PMT without medication.


Acupuncture is a popular treatment choice for infertility as it can be used to support natural conception and assisted reproductive methods such as IVF.

Research suggests that in the case of infertility acupuncture benefits the body through the regulation of hormones and increasing the blood flow to the reproductive system.

Acupuncture works on the important aspects of your fertile health:-

Working towards the resolution of specific gynecological and hormone problems.

Regulating your cycle promoting good blood circulation and balancing your hormone levels.

Reducing the impact of stress and anxiety 

Improving general health.


A pregnancy causes many changes both physical and psychological, these symptoms can result in symptoms that greatly impact a woman's quality of life.

Acupuncture is a proven safe and effective way to help you through your pregnancy and create the best environment for your baby's developmental needs.

Regular acupuncture treatments from the beginning of your pregnancy can help to relieve common pregnancy symptoms:

Morning sickness

Lower back pain

Breech baby

Delayed labor


Acupuncture for menopause is a healthcare treatment widely practised across the UK and the world to gently and effectively address the physical and emotional symptoms of menopause.

Menopause is a natural phase of life, that all woman with go through and since I have been in practice I have witnessed a wide variety of ways in which menopause and peri-menopause can seriously affect the quality of life of some of my female patients. As well as the more commonly understood symptoms like hot flushes, weight gain, night sweats, aching joints, changes in libido and mood disturbances, this fundamental change in the functioning of your body can cause a whole array of other problems that can feel unpredictable and out of control.

Acupuncture by nature is regulating and rebalancing and as such has so much to offer when woman are experiencing these changes, as with puberty the body needs to learn to adapt, to the changes in the hormonal patterns and this takes time. Acupuncture helps to keep you more in balance while this adjustment is taking place helping to reduce the intensity of the symptoms.